Robotic Knee Replacement Study Finds It Leads to Lower Complication Rate

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robotic knee replacement complications

Researchers from the Hospital for Special Surgery have discovered knee replacements carried out with robotic assistance, result in fewer complications within three months. Published in Arthroplasty Today, the results of the study could help to change the future of joint replacements.

Here, we will look at what the study found and how robotic knee replacements are carried out.

Study reveals popularity and effectiveness of robotic knee replacements

The study into robotic knee replacements used a national database to compile information on over 1.3 million knee replacement patients. The knee replacements had been carried out between 2010 and 2018.

Patients were split into three groups, including those who had undergone conventional surgery, technology-assisted surgery, and robotic-assisted surgery. Researchers first discovered that there had been a 2200% increase in the number of robotic-assisted joint replacements carried out between 2010 and 2018.

The second thing they discovered was that patients who underwent a robotic knee replacement experienced fewer complications within 90 days of the surgery. Patients who had a conventional procedure had a 2.55% complication rate. Those who underwent robotic-assisted knee surgery however, had a decreased risk of 1.57%.

What is a robotic knee replacement?

A robotic knee replacement isn’t exactly how it sounds. Robots aren’t yet capable of carrying out surgical procedures by themselves. Instead, the surgeon uses a robotic arm to assist them in the surgery.

Prior to the surgery, the patient undergoes a CT scan of their knee. The scan is then uploaded into specialist software, before a 3D model of the joint is created. This 3D model helps the robotic system to plan and ultimately assist in the surgery. Throughout the procedure, a robotic arm is controlled by the surgeon to help position the implant correctly.

This allows for accurate alignment, which is what likely contributes to a decrease in complications.

Booking a robotic knee replacement

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