Robotic-assisted knee replacement now available for Mr Webb’s Bristol patients

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robotic-assisted knee replacement in Bristol

Knee replacement techniques and instrumentation have undergone constant improvement since this type of orthopaedic surgery was first performed. The introduction of robotic-arm assisted technology is the latest development in this field and Mr Jonathan Webb is delighted to be able to offer this innovative technology to his patients.

He has been performing this surgery since January 2018 in his London practice and now Bristol patients are able to experience the many benefits of the Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology, including greater accuracy, shorter hospital stays, quicker recovery and increased patient satisfaction.

The technology can be used for both partial and full knee replacements. Prior to your operation, a 3D CT scan is taken on your body and the data fed into the Mako software.

How robotic-assisted knee replacement works

At the start of the surgical procedure, Mr Webb can utilise the additional information provided by the MAKO in planning exactly where to place the components of your knee replacement so as to make the ‘fit’ as comfortable as possible.

Having established what he feels is the ideal placement for each individual patient, Mr Webb uses the robotic-arm assisted technology to guide surgical tools to shape the knee to accept the new replacement. During the surgery itself, Jonathan is always in control of the robotic-arm but guiding it to within millimetre accuracy.  Clinical data points to a shorter stay in hospital being required and a speedier recovery process when you return home. There also is evidence that patients feel less pain in the early phase of recovery.

The Chesterfield Hospital in Bristol is the latest Nuffield Hospital in the UK to take delivery of the Mako technology. To find out more about the potential benefits of this technology and whether you’re suitable for a robotic-assisted knee replacement, call 08450 60 44 99 or email to arrange a consultation with Mr Jonathan Webb.