knee pain and brain ageing

Could Knee Pain Make Your Brain Age Faster?

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A recent study has revealed that chronic pain may do more than cause physical discomfort. According to the new research, chronic knee pain can potentially accelerate brain ageing. Published in the Nature Mental Health journal, it is the first…
Revision knee replacement

Risk Factors for Revision Knee Replacement Indicated in New Study

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A recent study published in the Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery has revealed the risk factors that contribute to revision knee replacement surgery. While revision surgeries remain relatively rare, they pose significant challenges,…
Weight loss and exercise boosts knee surgery outcome

UK Study Finds Pre-Op Weight Loss and Exercise Programme Boosts Knee Surgery Outcome

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A recent study carried out by the University of Edinburgh has revealed the benefits of a pre-op weight loss and exercise programme for knee surgery. Patients who followed a pre-op programme experienced better surgical outcomes, reduced pain,…
getting fit for robotic knee replacement

Getting Fit for Your Robotic Knee Replacement

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If you’re scheduled to undergo a robotic knee replacement, you may be wondering what you should do to prepare for the procedure. As well as preparing the surgery itself, it’s a good idea to try and get as fit as possible before going under…
Benefits of partial knee replacement

Partial vs Total Knee Replacement Examined

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Knee replacements are transformative procedures that offer a new lease on life for those suffering from severe knee pain and mobility issues. While at one time, total knee replacements were the only option, patients can now undergo partial replacements…
surgery for ACL injuries

Non-Surgical Management vs ACL Reconstruction

A recent study aimed to answer a crucial question in sports medicine: Is surgery for ACL injuries always necessary? The study, involving 136 adults with ACL tears, compares the outcomes of those who underwent surgery followed by rehabilitation,…
preventing knee replacement surgery

Could Stronger Quads Reduce the Risk of a Knee Replacement?

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In the UK, around five million people suffer from knee osteoarthritis, which is the leading cause of knee replacements. While replacing the damaged joint can reduce pain and improve mobility and quality of life, new research suggests it may…
knee arthritis after knee injury

PTOA: Developing Knee Arthritis After a Knee Injury

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When you experience a traumatic knee injury, it can significantly increase your risk of developing post-traumatic osteoarthritis (PTOA). Unfortunately, many of those who do develop PTOA go on to require joint replacement surgery. Understanding…
robotic knee replacement benefits

NHS Trial Into Robotic Knee Replacement Demonstrates Its Benefits

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A recent trial carried out by the NHS in Newcastle has demonstrated the benefits of robotic knee replacement surgery. The study, involving over 100 patients, revealed improved accuracy, reduced post-operative pain, and shorter recovery times…
treating runner's knee

Personalised rehab may be required to treat runner’s knee

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Patellofemoral syndrome (PFS), commonly known as runner's knee, is a common cause of anterior knee pain. The condition can cause significant pain when running or carrying out high-impact exercises. In a recent study carried out by the University…