football knee injuries

Football Knee Injuries: A Career Ending Injury?

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Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. There is estimated to be around 220 million recreational players and over 100,000 registered professional players worldwide. Like any sport, it presents several injury risks for those…
risk of osteoarthritis after ACL repair

Risk of Osteoarthritis After ACL Repair Examined

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ACL repair is a common procedure that aims to treat anterior cruciate ligament injuries, often in younger patients. ACL injuries are particularly prevalent in young athletes, with many opting for surgery to return to play at their previous level. We…
skiing knee injury

Prep Your Knees for Ski Season

Thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, many people have missed a ski season or two when the world went into lockdown. Although Omicron may have set us back slightly, many people are hoping that they’ll be able to return to the slopes this season.…
early ACL repair

Early Surgical Reconstruction of ACL After Tear Yields Better results Study Finds

A new study has revealed that early surgical reconstruction of ACL after a tear produces better results. This is promising news for athletes who are at an increased risk of developing the injury. ACL tears can be extremely painful and greatly…
genes and ACL injury

Genes Could Play a Role in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

New research from the Lund University in Sweden, has revealed our genes could play a critical role in anterior cruciate ligament injury. The study looked at identical as well as fraternal twins to see whether genetics played a role. Here,…
ACL graft recovery

When to Return to Play: Predicting When Your ACL Graft Has Healed

One of the most common questions athletes have after undergoing an ACL graft, is when they can return to play. Like any surgery, it is important for patients to rest and recover until they are fully healed. Returning too soon to sport increases…
ACL tears

ACL Tears Can Do Real Damage to the Brain, Study Finds

Trauma to the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, has been found to also do real damage to the brain in a new study. It is already known that ACL tears can lead to some degree of permanent loss of joint function. However, the reason behind this…

FA Take Action to Reduce Incidence of ACL Injuries in Women’s Football

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The FA is launching new studies to try and understand why so many female football players experience ACL injuries in the sport. The move comes after 12 players from the Women’s Super League and Championship suffered ACL injuries from the game. Here,…
ACL rehab

Why your quads matter in ACL rehab

We’re all aware that knee injuries are far and away the most common serious injury in the Union code, especially ACL tears. It’s the price we pay for the sport we play: unlike other codes, Union is a succession of grind-it-out, stop-and-start…
knee injury diagnosis

New mini MRI scanner could improve knee injury diagnosis

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging: it’s a thing of medical brilliance. A large tube packed with strong magnets that shoot out radio waves, its ability to safely and effectively visualise tissue has transformed the field of medical diagnosis since…