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Genes Could Play a Role in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

New research from the Lund University in Sweden, has revealed our genes could play a critical role in anterior cruciate ligament injury. The study looked at identical as well as fraternal twins to see whether genetics played a role. Here, we will look at what this new research found and what it means for patients. […]


Lesser-Known Knee Surgery May Prevent Total Knee Replacement

A new study has revealed that a lesser-known knee surgery may prevent total knee replacement. The findings of the study, published within the Canadian Medical Association Journal, prove promising for younger patients. The surgery, known as High Tibial Osteotomy, was shown to significantly reduce the need for a total knee replacement in younger patients. So, […]


Steroid Injections Found Not to Hasten Need for Knee Replacement

Steroid injections are commonly used to relieve osteoarthritis pain. However, past research has suggested they could speed up the need for a total knee replacement. This has understandably led to some specialists seeking alternative treatment options for patients. Now, new research has revealed steroid injections do not hasten the need for a knee replacement. Below, […]


Study Evaluates the Long-Term Outcomes of Meniscectomy

A meniscectomy is commonly used to treat a torn meniscus in the knee. However, some experts in the field believe it offers little in the way of benefits for patients. Now, a new study carried out by Italian researchers, has evaluated the long-term outcomes of the procedure. Here, we’ll look at what the study found […]

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It’s Just Not Tennis: Racket Sports May Make Knee Arthritis Worse

A new study has revealed that racket sports may make knee arthritis worse in patients who are overweight. While physical activity is generally encouraged to those who are overweight, this new research shows not all types of exercise are suitable. Here, we’ll look at what this latest research revealed, and which types of exercises are […]


When to Return to Play: Predicting When Your ACL Graft Has Healed

One of the most common questions athletes have after undergoing an ACL graft, is when they can return to play. Like any surgery, it is important for patients to rest and recover until they are fully healed. Returning too soon to sport increases the risk of the need for repeat surgery, graft rupture and knee […]