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Poor muscle strength linked to increased risk of knee osteoarthritis in women

A recent report from Arthritis Care & Research magazine has come up with an interesting conclusion on the subject of knee osteoarthritis: women with poor strength in their leg muscles are significantly more likely to develop arthritis of the knee, while men with equally poor leg strength aren’t at risk. It’s not surprising that so […]

The debate: partial v total knee replacement

There’s been an argument raging amongst the medical community for a while now, and I’ve been following it with interest. It’s been a long-held view that a total knee replacement is better than a partial one – for reasons we’ll go into later – but recent high-profile developments may suggest that the tide is beginning […]

Six Nations puts spotlight on knee injuries – again

Like every other rugby fan – and especially as an English Rugby fan – my heart went out to George Kruis when I heard of his knee ligament injury, which he suffered in training in the run-up to England’s first Six Nations game. Not only is he ruled out for the rest of the Six […]

Ski injury prevention: beware the 5 B’s

Skiing is often thought as a highly risky sporting activity – something about sliding down a mountain at great speed strapped to two boards – but in an evaluation of most dangerous sports, Forbes magazine found that skiing fell significantly behind a whole host of other pastimes. Furthermore, technological advances and the use of helmets […]

Stem cell ‘bandage’ has been trialled in meniscus tears

A potentially interesting development has recently been announced in the treatment of one of the most common knee injuries. Utilising the still burgeoning technology of stem cell research, the practice of harvesting stem cells from patients’ bone marrow and using them to knit together tears in the meniscus area has been trialled at Liverpool and […]

Beyond the body: new research looks at the full impact of an ACL injury

A recent study in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy has claimed that to regain full function after an injury to the ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, goes beyond the physical and actually requires ‘retraining’ the brain. According to a controlled laboratory study by the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center released in […]

The importance of Prehab: how to prepare for knee surgery

If you’ve suffered a serious knee injury and are awaiting surgery, the temptation may be to wrap yourself up in cotton wool and rest the knee as much as possible until the big op. New thinking, though, is that ‘prehab’ can be key to ensuring a rapid recovery and return to play. In a 2013 […]

New study evaluates the risk of developing osteoarthritis after ACL injury

It’s one thing suffering from and getting over anterior cruciate injury, but a recent study from the Journal of Orthopaedic Research has flagged up an alarming side-effect: the heightened risk of osteoarthritis amongst recovering ACL sufferers. Osteoarthritis – a condition where joints become damaged, preventing their free movement and causing excessive pain – is the […]

As Autumn Internationals kick off, England’s run of injuries raises concerns

As England’s Autumn internationals get underway when they meet South Africa at Twickenham on Saturday, some of our best players will be watching from the sidelines because it’s already been a brutal season for some of the leading figures in the game. Sam Jones was unfortunate enough to break his leg during a judo session, […]

Will I need surgery to repair an ACL tear?

For those unlucky enough to damage their knee, whether through trauma or sporting injury, the most likely injury is to the ligament and, amongst knee ligament injuries, the anterior cruciate ligament is the most vulnerable, accounting for 49% of injuries. A surgical procedure to repair a tear to the anterior cruciate ligament, commonly known as […]