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Quad Muscles Contract Differently After ACL Reconstruction

A new study has revealed that the quad muscles contract differently after ACL surgery. In many cases, this can lead to long-term weakness of the muscles. Initially, the weakness experienced was thought to be down to shrinkage or muscle atrophy. However, now scientists have pinpointed a change in the way the muscles function, it paves […]

Reducing Knee Reinjury Risk

Smartwatches have become a popular way to track our health. Using sensors, they collect data relating to sleep, fitness and heart rate. Now, after securing a $2.9 million grant, the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech are hoping to use these wearable sensors to assess recurring Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries. Here, we’ll look at […]

Does Marathon Running Ruin Your Knees?

The London Marathon takes place on the 3rd of October, and this year it is set to be the biggest of all time. The event, held by Virgin Money, is set to see 100,000 runners take part in 2021. While running is known to deliver all kinds of health benefits, it also poses a few […]


Getting Back into the Swing After a Knee Replacement

New research has revealed that most golfers who undergo a knee replacement will be able to return to the sport within five months. This is great news for golfers who are naturally at an increased risk of needing to undergo a knee replacement. Here, we will look at what the latest research discovered and what […]


What is the Recovery Like After Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement?

Preparing to undergo a robotic-assisted knee replacement? If so, you may be wondering what to expect in your recovery. Compared to traditional knee replacements, it is claimed that robotic-assisted procedures can have a shorter recovery time as there is less trauma to the tissues in the knee. So, what can you expect from the recovery […]

Major UK study set to compare robotic knee replacement with traditional methods

Since the first robotic joint replacement was performed in 1992, the technology has rapidly evolved, achieving ever greater accuracy and precision. Now a major UK study will compare robotic knee replacement benefits to unaided or traditional joint replacement surgery. Over 100,000 knee replacement procedures are performed every year in the UK and more and more […]

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Mr Jonathan Webb featured in the Rugby Players Association ezine

Consultant Knee Surgeon and former England Rugby full back Jonathan was recently interviewed by the Rugby Players Association on his career, combining medical school and rugby and qualifying as a doctor while he was still playing for England. As a team player, he was one of the founding members of the Fortius Clinic, launched in […]